Duben 2015

2015 reading challenge

25. dubna 2015 v 17:33 | Barbara |  read


23. dubna 2015 v 17:11 | bth

•Tereza & Barbora

•SUPS Krumau - photography

•18 y.o.

•Hardcore, Punk

•Book lovers

•TV shows -> Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Misfits, Arrow, The Flash, Teen Wolf, Sex In The City, The BBT, Friends, MASH, Family Guy,..

•We met them -> As It Is, Trophy Eyes, Trash Boat, First Class Ticket, Kung-Fu Girlz, Just For Being, Drive, Blink 182, Call Tracy, Pipes and Pints, Hentai Corporation, Atari Terror,...

•We wanna met -> 5 Seconds of Summer, Hey Violet, Imminence, Normandie, Sum 41, Chasing Christy, Sail This Ship Together, Bury Tomorrow, Hopes, Skywalker, Hanba, ...